Buy RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) online in Coimbatore from Builderskart which offers the top quality RMC at the affordable cost in Coimbatore. Check the RMC’s price online and order soon. We have Fiber concrete, High Strength Concrete, Waterproof concrete, Light Weight Concrete, Standard RMC. We have undergone the RMC testings such as the Specific gravity of fine and coarse aggregates, Fly ash content, Consistency (normal, initial and final)- not done, Air entrainment meter, Sieve analysis, Flakiness and elongation, Speedy moisture test, Aggregate impact test. Buy RMC online for home delivery in Coimbatore-Builderskart

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Fiber Concrete


RMC represents major manufacturers and suppliers of Coimbatore’s most popular fiber reinforcement products in the concrete sector, furthering the development, knowledge of fiber concrete applied with assorted sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. Enhancing durability and toughness of concrete, reduces formation of plastic shrinkage cracking in co..

High Strength Concrete


The concrete facilitates the design of smaller structural member with cross sections for columns and walls resulting in net usable or a rentable floor area, especially benefitting in high rise building, enabling safer structure relied upon resisting wind, seismic and other impact forces and also designed with an extra measure of strength and safety..

Light Weight Concrete


Often used in house construction, RMC implements light weight concrete with natural materials like volcanic pumice, as required properties having a bearing concrete with high thermal insulation properties resulting in relatively low strength concrete. If you want to benefit your project with lightweight concrete hire RMC, as we produce cost efficie..

Standard RMC


Primarily focus on meeting the increase in demand of ready-mix concrete, we provide a wide range of innovative mixtures, complying with the highest international standard quality, helping out customers in reducing the working hours, costs and improving operational efficiency. RMC is succeeding in designing and developing a variety of concrete mixtu..

Waterproof Concrete


Choosing RMC as the best way to waterproof the concrete removes the daunting task for most sites both exterior and interior, as concrete can allow water and other chemical to infiltrate it. As one of the ways to keep the foundation dry, the concrete is waterproofed with positive side (i.e., exterior side) technology with a sheet membrane, keeping w..

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